10 Things to know about PolyGel Nail Kit

PolyGel Nail Kit is the ultimate tool to have beautiful nails for your own look. Our nails wear and tear by doing our everyday chores and the nails don't look as good as they were before. So in order to solve the problem of nails and have good nails, the PolyGel Nail Kit comes in rescue.

You might have or haven't heard about PolyGel Nail Kit but these are the latest fashion trend for those who aren't probably looking better and faster choice than a manicure. Finally, here are the top 10 things which you need to know about the nail gel kit.

1. Made of Organic Colors


polygel nail kit

The Nail Gel Kit is manufactured straight out from organic colors ensuring the safety of consumer and environmental factors. The usages of artificial colors which harm the body have been completely avoided.

2. Odorless 

odorless deals streak

There won't be any smell from the nail gel whatsoever. Made out of natural extracts the nail gel kit with added pigments makes it odorless. Similarly, ensures the smooth flow of the gel over the nails without any overflow and spillage.

3. Anti-Dust 

anti dust poly gel nail kit

Working on dust is common and day to day sights for us to tackle these situations the nail gel kit is manufactured such a way that they stick hard on to your nails. No matter what they are no airborne dust.

4.Light & Safe

light and safe

The nail gel kits are light in weight thanks to the anti-monomer materials, however, they are safe to use. Highly admired by many of our customers, safe for sensitive skin. 

5. Save Time & Money

save time polygel nail kit

No need to spend your time to get your nails done. Snap it, paint it & cut it!. As simple as it is. This Polygel Nail Kit is for those who want salon Polygel nails without having to spend thousands of dollars. It's funeasy and makes the perfect gift for you, your friends or family. They will for sure love you.

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How to Apply PolyGel Nail Kit:

PolyGel Nail Kit is super easy to apply and use. All it takes is 5-7 mins to get your beautiful nails done.

how to apply PolyGel Nail kit


1. Prep nails as for a manicure and apply a base coat.

2.Cure for 120 seconds under a UV/LED lamp.

3. Squeeze the Polygel Nail out of the tube.

4. Slice the required amount with the Nail Gel Applicator Tool onto your natural nails or the nail tips.

5. Shape the nail gel into place using the Applicator Tool and your brush with a small amount of SLIP SOLUTION.

6. Cure for 120 seconds under an LED lamp. UV Lamp included in the Ultimate Kit 

7. Buff and file as required. Finally, Apply a top coat or your favorite nail polish and cure for another 120 seconds. You are good to go!

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