7 Things you need to know about 100 languages

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In 2019 I love you necklace is a fashion trend which is going viral. The symbol of love is absolutely conveyed through this necklace. So here are the 7 things that you didn't know about the I love you necklace that every lover is interested in.

1.Made of nano-engraved technology

nano technology in 100 languages necklace

I love you necklace is made out of high precision laser engraver which results in a super crispy finishing. The letters look crystal clear on such a small diameter of necklace. Finally, it gets a premium finish on the necklace.

2. Carefully Cut

nano technology i love you necklace

The necklace itself is a beauty in itself. However, the necklace is cut carefully without any defects no matter what. Due to the high surface finish on the pendant of I love you necklace shines bright and thereby looks outstanding.

3. Two ways wear "I love you" necklace

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The pendant can be worn in multiple ways however they look simply bold and stunning when worn. Similarly, the minimalistic look makes people say "wow" when worn to parties, meeting or any gifting to your loved ones on special occasions like anniversaries.

4. Stands Out from the rest

beautiful woman 100 languages pendant buy deals streak

Looking like everyone is boring, isn't it? Having a story behind the beautiful look and an outstanding piece of jewelry is something different. Similarly, remind your loved ones of your undying love with this stunning piece of jewelry and finally, share it with others too.

5. Dazzling Gems

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Firstly, the pendant comes with gems which are carved out perfectly to fit into the necklace. Thereby giving out some space to fit the 100 languages of beautiful text "I Love You". However, these gems are look dazzling with the bold look and takes the level of the necklace to the next level.

6. Simple & Sweet

buy i love you necklace

The minimalistic look with added gems along the center of the pendant giving out the bold factor with and that feeling of love from loved ones which stays forever and ever. Finally, with all these added features, the languages pendant look simple and sweet which can be worn to any occasion whether it's formal or informal.

7. Environment-friendly

environment friendly

We at dealsstreak aim to make the earth a beautiful place to live for future generations too. So, with that motive, the necklace is made with environmentally friendly materials: Rose Gold/ Silver, Lead-Free & Nickel-Free 

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