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2 in 1 Hair Dryer and Styler

Power Of a Dryer precision of a styler! This 2 in 1 Hair Dryer and Styler Comb makes your hair shiny, frizz-free and is healthy…

2 in 1 Master Iron Pro

Description 2-year warranty Designed for Salons, Perfect for Home Styling 99.3% Reviewers Recommends This Product. You’ll love the curls, waves, and straight styles the Master…

2-in-1 Towel Dress

Do you need a towel where you can easily and comfortably dry off after taking a bath? No more falling towels, embarrassing scenes, and slippery…


Your knee is the most important joint that holds most of your weight. It is crucial for your movement and massive forces act on your…

Acupressure Magnetic Insoles

Check out these amazing, therapeutic Acupressure Magnetic Insoles, the shoe inserts with endless beneficial properties! Thanks to the ingenious acupressure points incorporated into these insoles-…

Ankle Brace Compression Support Sock

The Ankle Brace Compression Support Sock applies pressure along your ankle joint, providing complete pain relief from a variety of ailments including plantar fasciitis, arthritis,…

Anti-Aging Eyelid Tape

Now you can have beautiful, youthful eyelids in a matter of seconds, without the expensive price tag, pain and risks associated with surgery! The Anti-Aging…

Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

Delivers calming, healthy aromatherapy in a unique sage and brown design that is pleasing to the eye with or without the warm white lighting from…

Booty Belt Resistance

NEVER MISS YOUR 5-MINUTE BOOTY WORKOUT! The light-weight and compact design allow you to take it anywhere or use it in the privacy of your…

Chiropractic Neck Pillow

Ease your aches and pains with this Chiropractic Neck Pillow. Issues such as pinched nerves, herniated discs, poor spine alignment, compressed discs, headaches and jaw…

Cosmetic Travel Bag

Calling all women who are fed up with the awkwardly shaped, can’t-fit-it-all, unfashionable travel cosmetic bags. Believe us, that was us once too! To save…

Easy Eyeshadow Applicator

NO MORE STRUGGLING FOR THE PERFECT EYESHADOW EFFECTS! With the Easy Eyeshadow Applicator, your eyeshadow can be applied, flawlessly in mere seconds! This simple eyeshadow…