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360-Degree Mini Digital Inclinometer

This small tool can make your work easier and it’s very useful for repair works. Add the 360-Degree Mini Digital Inclinometer to your tool chest!…

7-in-1 DIY Hand Saw

Improve the efficiency of your cutting. This 7-in-1 DIY Hand Saw is an excellent tool to have on hand. It does so many things! We’ve…

9.5MM Metal Snaps Buttons Pliers Set

You will love the ease and convenience of this tool! This kit is enough to meet your different needs in DIY crafts or making thin…

Adjustable Hole Cutter

Cut and Fix holes in any sizes you wish with ease. This Adjustable Hole Cutter is widely used for opening holes in wood, plastic board, gypsum…

Auto Feed Soldering Iron

Solder tin wire automatically in Just One Hand! Need a helping hand while you are soldering a circuit board? Well, you do not have to…

Automatic Telescopic Tape Measure

$24.95 $29.97
Makes measuring so much easier! Self-Lock: The measuring tape ruler is crafted with self-lock system. The extra long 16ft blade can lock automatically after extended,…

Carpenter Woodworking Blades Shave Planer

Boost woodworking efficiency! Adjustable Planer: Quick Adjustment and Easy to cut. Alloy Wear-Resistant Blade Suitable for all kinds of wood model trimming Woodworking trimming planing…

Cloth Round Hob

Make cutting fabrics easier and better than before! Want a perfect dress made by hand? Want to DIY kinds of your favorite models? Our cloth wheel…

Cordless Woodcarving Rotary Kit

$50.95 $64.95
Create a beautiful wooden masterpieces! A handheld and cordless power drill tool for wood carving, grinding, engraving, and sculpting. High Precision Ability: It can create carves and…

Corner Angle Finder

Make it easy in how you will measure things for your home DIY Projects, it enables external and internal angles to be read directly from…

Desoldering Suction Pump

$22.95 $23.95
Desoldering are now easier and faster! The Desoldering Suction Pump is specially designed to reserves the soldering process by melting and removes the lead with strong suction.…

Disc Drill Blades and Mandrel

Get clean and accurate cuts! You can cut hollow pipes from inside by adopting the smallest blade. The set comes in different sizes of blades so you will…