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kitchen appliance


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2021 Magnetic All Purpose Opener

$11.97 $24.97
Open With Ease Durable construction with 3 functions to open all kinds of tight jars, cans and water bottles. A must have kitchen gadget for daily use.…

3D Cookie Cutter Stamp 4-Piece Set

Enjoy happy family time by making easy homemade cookies during Xmas! Simply to make gingerbread house and stained-glass cookies with 3D Stamp Cookies Cutter now! Bring…

3D Skull Cake Jelly Chocolate Mould

$10.99 $28.99
🔥READY TO LIT UP THE COMING HALLOWEEN?🔥 Ready for the amazing Halloween bash? Skull Cake is definitely a must in a Halloween party if you’re about to…

4 In 1 Onion And Garlic Drained Storage Box

KEEP FRESH FOOD This storage make the products fresher! The partition design is used for sorting storage, such as onion, garlic, salad, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, tomato,…

Adjustable Dish And Bowl Organiser

$12.97 $24.97
Neatly organize all stackable dishes and bowls with this dish holder. You can easily access your everyday dish plate.This is a convenient storage, which can…

All Round Vegetable Cutter

Every Meal Begins with Cutting and Chopping. Help ease your kitchen problems with our All Round Vegetable Cutter. It’s the perfect gift for weddings or…

Alphabet Cake Stamp Set

Create beautiful calligraphy on your cake fondant effortlessly with this stamp set!    FEATURES:  Effortless Calligraphy Cake Decorations! Create breathtaking calligraphic decoration for your cake…

Automatic Revolutionary Egg Roll Machine

Enjoy Cooking & Making Egg Treats Like Never Before! With Automatic Revolutionary Egg Roll Machine! It’s Quick, Simple & Easy! The Amazing Automatic Egg Roll…

Bathroom adjustable wrench

$29.99 $59.99
FEATURES: High-quality aluminum alloy The circular arc toothed Super light design Large openings SPECIFICATIONS: Product name: Bathroom spanner Material: high-quality aluminum alloy Product weight: 200g…

Bicycle Pizza Cutter

FEATURES DUAL STAINLESS STEEL BLADES – Effortless cutting on even the thickest of pizza crusts. Both front and back wheels are made from stainless steel with…

Cabinet Hanging Grain Storage Box

$17.97 $35.97
Create storage instantly by hanging and sticking its holder over kitchen cabinets doors or under cabinets.  This storage box can also hold pasta, baking ingredients,…

Creative Meatball Maker Set

Perfect round meatball, deliciously and easily made with ‘Creative Meatball Maker Set’. As a side dish or as a main course, two different sizes for…