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Handle Anti-collision Protective Cover

Protect your walls and handle from Damage cause by collision!  These door knocker lids are made of high quality silicone material, non-toxic, odorless, durable and sturdy. It has…

Powerful Omnipotent Hammer

Save yourselves from hammering your own thumb! Multi-function functions in intelligent design, it is a power nail , pipe clamp, live key, screwdriver, pliers pliers, vise,…

Radiator Wrench Adapter

Quick unscrewing nuts with ease! Radiator Wrench Adapter is Wear-resistant, not easy to rust. Designed for making to repair to most household radiator valves. Radiator Wrench Adapter Suitable…

Screwdriver Magnetic Ring

Picked up screws with no hassle! EASY TO USE Simply insert the screwdriver bit into the magnetic ring, the screwdriver head is instantly magnetized and…