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112-in-1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set

You’ll never need another screwdriver set for small gadgets again! This little kit works on a variety of items such as cellphones, radios, and eyeglasses.…

14 pcs Reusable Caulking Nozzle

Say Goodbye to ugly caulk lines! Introducing a special tool that is perfect to finish a sealing job! 14 pcs Reusable Caulking Nozzle is a multiple set of nozzles…

2.5 to 4 Square Cable Wire Stripping and Twisting Tool

Peel and twist cable wires quickly and perfectly. The wire twisting tool is perfect for all wire twisting job. It provides better twisting effect and increase productivity while keeping…

3 PCS HSS Titanium Coated Cone Step Drill Bit Set, Metric 4-12/20/32mm

Drilling holes has never been easier but with these tools you can easily Drill a perfect circular hole in a variety of materials. These Speed Drilling Tools include 3…

3-28mm Mini Adjustable High Quality Metal Pipe Cutter

Cutting pipe made quicker and easier! EASY TO USE: Place tubing between cutter wheel and rollers, spin feed wheel to bring a firm pressure on…

360-Degree Mini Digital Inclinometer

This small tool can make your work easier and it’s very useful for repair works. Add the 360-Degree Mini Digital Inclinometer to your tool chest!…

6 Piece Metric Thread Tap Drill Bits

Drill, Tap and Countersinking in one operation! The thread drilled by the drill is very reliable. Even if you do not use an electric drill, you can easily screw…

7-in-1 DIY Hand Saw

Improve the efficiency of your cutting. This 7-in-1 DIY Hand Saw is an excellent tool to have on hand. It does so many things! We’ve…

Adjustable Hole Cutter

Cut and Fix holes in any sizes you wish with ease. This Adjustable Hole Cutter is widely used for opening holes in wood, plastic board, gypsum…

Adjustable T-Handle Ratchet Tap Wrench

$23.95 $25.95
A convenient tool good partner for DIY tapping! You can’t beat the all-steel design with chromium-plated finish for the highest durability. It’s so beautifully precise ratcheting…

Airbag Hand Pump

Adjust, align and level your heavy equipment easily with Airbag Hand Pump LIMIT INTERNAL PRESSURE – 0.26Mpa, Double side TPU pouring design to resist greater strain…

Aircraft Expansion Anchor Bolt

Let your bolt no longer loose! Applicable to gypsum board, benzene board, decorative panel, asbestos board, hollow board, solid board and other materials on the window…