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stress relief


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“Don’t Touch!” Wooden Useless Box – funny toy gift idea

Product Description The useless box is also called a useless machine, when you flip the switch, a cute arm comes out and turns the switch off.Although…

Anti-Stress Squishy Mesh Ball

Stay calm and Squeeze your stress away!  The unique stress ball is filled with tons of tiny colorful balls that get squished through a mesh lining…

Crazy Squeezy Chicken Toy

Our Crazy Chicken is a hilarious prank toy to help relieve stress and tension. Simply squeeze the chicken and watch as it starts to lay…

Dinosaur Egg Squeezable Stress Relief Toy Ball

Interesting, cute, decompression – A dinosaur egg that makes you feel better 100% degradable plastic, giving you the most environmentally friendly toys!! A cool stress ball is made…

Green Alien Carrying Human Costume

$67.95 $76.95
👽Stand-out in Halloween parties With Alien-Human Costume.👽 Why the Green Alien Carrying Human Costume? The tall inflatable costume won’t let you fade in the cloud.…

Magic Wind Up Flying Butterfly

$19.97 $28.99
Wind up this clever little device and hide it inside a book or greeting card. When it is set free, the butterfly will spin and…

Magnetic Slime

Beat stress with the safe, non-toxic Magnetic Slime. that’s guaranteed to provide entertainment anytime, anywhere! When you place the Magnetic Slime next to a magnet,…

Make it Rain Money Gun

$19.97 $27.99
Make It Rain!!!  Fulfill your wildest dreams and bath in a shower of cash. Whether you shower yourself or a friend in glory, enjoy it…

Rainbow Puzzle Ball

The Rainbow Puzzle Ball is one of the best speed cubes in the world. Its compact and portable design for more convenient to carry, play…

Squishy Cat Stress Reliever

Relieve stress and relax your mind with these Squishy Cat Stress Reliever. The anti-stress squeeze toy is shaped like an adorable sleeping cat. Simply squish, stretch, and squeeze…

Squishy Pig Splat Ball

Squishy Pig Splat Ball will help you to reduce anxiety and stress with each SPLAT Stressed? This awesome toy can melt your stress away!The Decompression Splat…