2-in-1 High Pressure Washer


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Tackle old stains and dirt in a second!

2-in-1 High Pressure Washer connects to all standard garden hoses and performs powerful high pressure washing to remove tough stain, mold, mud, dirt etc. without scrubbing manually. Able to clean & restore luster of any surfaces including wood, brick, concrete, sidings, plastic, glass and more.

Free feel to switch between 2 nozzles (high jet / fan mode) for different purposes – Jet nozzle for powerful, concentrated cleaning; fan nozzle for gentle washing & spraying with large coverage. 


Switch between 2 Nozzles:

  • Powerful jet nozzle can be used for cleaning purposes like rinsing off tough stain, mold, mud, dirt etc. Gentle fan nozzle is great for washing/spraying over a large area, which is ideal for garden watering, cash washing etc.

Fits Standard Hoses:

  • Suitable for connecting all 3/4” standard garden hoses and other sizes with standard 1” hose connectors.

Safe For Any Surface:

  • Able to clean surfaces without stripping wood, wax, car paint or clear coat. Suitable for all surfaces including wood, brick, concrete, sidings, plastic, glass and more. 


  • Connect the long hose to extend when needed, and can be detached for short distance cleaning. Extendable for jet pressure washing up to 10m high.

Easy to Apply:

  • Simply connect to your hose to transform it into a powerful stream. No electricity or power is required.

Premium Materials:

  • Made of high-quality brass and stainless steel which are rust and corrosion resistant.

Wide Applications:

  • Ideal for cleaning dirty sidewalks, cars, walls, wooden decks, fences, brick walls and more. 


  • Material: Copper + Stainless Steel + Plastic
  • Features: Durable, Easy to Use, Portable, High Pressure
  • Size: 48cm/18.9″ (Approx.)


  • 1 x 2-in-1 High Pressure Washer


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