2nd Generation – Kitchen Microwave Shelf


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Most of us use microwaves on a daily basis because they are a quick way to cook and reheat food. Whether it is just heating up leftovers from last night’s dinner, making some oatmeal before rushing to work, or even disinfecting a wet kitchen sponge, throwing it in the microwave seems to be the solution for everything! That’s why we created the all-new 2nd Generation – Kitchen Microwave Shelf.
Our shelf is made of high-quality, durable, and long-lasting PP plastic which is heat-resistant, safe, and environmentally friendly. You can use it either as a shelf, tray for hot dishes, or insulation disk over bowls and pots. Let a layer of microwave oven change into two! 
  • heat resistant – designed with a heat resistance temperature -20 degrees to 120 degrees
  • wide usage – the utility model can be used either as a shelf, tray for hot dishes, or insulation disk over bowls and pots, and more
  • designed specifically for microwaves
  • collapsible – built with a collapsible stand for easy storage
  • a safe way to remove hot food – our heat resistant tray with fold-up handles makes it easy and safe to remove hot food, plates, and dishes from your microwave
  • keeps your microwave clean – you can fold down the handles of the microwave tray and use it to cover foods and prevent splatter
  • double-meal cooking – fold-out handles and invert down to use as a second level to cook to items at a time
  • perfect kitchen helper – securely holds in place plates and bowls without sliding around while removing cooked or reheated foods immediately from microwave, as well as carrying them to your kitchen counters and tables
  • the perfect gift for families cooking large meals to feed the whole household
  • dishwasher safe and easy to clean

Material: food-safe polypropylene
Size: 8.3 cm x 23. 5 cm
Colors: blue, green, pink
Package includes: 1 x microwave shelf

Kitchen Microwave Shelf Pink Steamers




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