3D Lace Breathable Bra


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Plus size breathable and full support bra

💕Breathable 💕Seamless 💕Elastic


👙 When wearing a sports bra, make sure it fits you PERFECTLY. As it serves as support for your breasts during activities. But nowadays it’s hard to find the PERFEKT FIT sports bra on the market. Some have a perfect cup size, but the straps are loose and vice versa.

👙 Do not worry, we introduce you to 3D Lace Breathable Bra! The perfect sports bra EVERY WOMAN in ANY SIZE NEEDS! This sports bra is made of polyamide-Material that makes it LIGHTWEIGHT, SOFT. Gives a BREATHABLE, EXTENDABLE and FLEXIBLE wearing experience for PLUS SIZE women.

👙 This Bra is a BELLOW bra, so you do not have to have a chest pain after a long day. It has a FAST BELT and FULL CUP that provide your breasts with FULL SUPPORT. There are 3 colors to match any outfit: black, beige and blue.

Size Chart:


  • Material: polyamide
  • Type of support: non-iron
  • Cup shape: 3D, full
  • Color: Black, Blue, Beige
  • Size: M, L, XL-7XL


1 x 3D Lace Breathable Bra


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