3W Super Bright Cob Under Cabinet Light LED




Brighten up your space.

These small, but powerful, battery-powered LED lights will make your dark areas both bright and beautiful. Great as under counter lights for kitchen areas or as a cabinet light in your house, the Brilliant Evolution Lights will brighten your world.

Brighter than the regular led.

  • Easy to install, can be installed anywhere you want to light;
  • The remote control allows the lamp to adjust level 2 brightness and time control, turning off the light in 30 minutes wirelessly, up to 15 feet away;
  • If you install the lamp close, you can control the lamp together. If you install the lamp has one distance. You can control a light independently
  • You can also turn the disk light on/off by clicking the switch on the lens on the light.
  • Powered by AAA battery for wireless installation.
  • Suitable for kitchens, cabinets, wardrobes, counters, bookshelves, garages, basements or similar dark places where you may need to constantly have strong lighting in minutes.

  • Material: ABS
  • Voltage: 4.5V
  • Brightness: 150 Lumens
  • Switch Type: Tap or remote control
  • One remote control can control many lights together
  • Control Distance: Up to 15 feet
  • 2 easy ways to install: easy-pasting stickers and expansion screws.

Note: the battery isn’t include.


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