59Inch Indoor & Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure For Child – Foldable Design




Bring fun along with health and fitness to your home and family with this high quality complete trampoline for children!

Seamless design between the cabinet and the carpet, you never have to worry that your children will be trapped in the gap. the design of the external net is different from that of another trampoline, so that the trampoline has more space and more beautiful, durable and comfortable. The galvanized steel frame with reinforced t-sockets stabilizes the upper frame from the enclosure to the trampoline frame and prevents structural torsion. The personalized robust security net is manufactured from high density, tight, UV treated fabric, PE line. Heavy calibrated 4-inch springs provide superior heel and are rust resistant. The jumping mat is made of tough, UV protection polypropylene for strength and durability. the yellow color design makes the trampoline look more athletic and dynamic.

Includes all the tools and tools needed for quick and easy assembly. After receiving the trampoline, you can install it immediately. No accessories or additional tools to install.


  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS – Upgraded, slip-resistant, wear-resistant, soft, breathable, and firm high-heel cloth, providing the best jumping experience for children. the use of thick, strong and stable steel pipe, will not roll, the maximum extent to ensure the safety of children.
  • POWERFUL INSURANCE – The foot protection net is made of high-strength Dacron, and the craft fence is entirely designed to prevent children from falling.

  • LOW NOISE LEVEL – With non-slip rubber feet, you can maintain stability and remain quiet during sports, without worrying about affecting the rest of the neighbors.

  • DURABLE – Wear-resistant and UV-resistant heel pads (made of pp) can withstand high pressure; 36 galvanized springs have good elasticity and can support 250kg (550 lb)

Package items include:

Type 1 include:
  • 1 set * 47 “trampoline
  • Gift accessories: ocean ball crush proof balls * 20
  • trampoline socks * 1
Type 2 include:
  • 1 set * 60 “trampoline
  • Gift accessories: ocean ball * 20,
  • trampoline socks * 1
Type 3 include:
  • 1 set * 60 “trampoline
  • Gift accessories: crush proof balls * 20
  • trampoline socks * 1


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