Adjustable Cake Divider


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Divide your cake in the easiest way!Perfect Handy Tool to slice and cut uniformly even slices out of cake every time!
Specially designed handle that can be squeezed to adjust the size of slice you want! Just one press, a holding plate slides under the cake slice, and act as a support as you lift and move it!
Made from food-grade plastic, comes in round edges. 100% Safe For Use, Heat Resistant(-40c~220C)


  • Uniform, Even Slices
    Best cutter shaped into the perfect slice so it cuts uniformly even slices out of cake every time.
  • Adjustable Size
    Specially designed handle that can be easily squeezed to adjust the size of the slice. 
  • Unique Holding Plate Design
    With just one press, a holding plate slides under the cake slice for support as you lift and move it.
  • Sharp Cutting Teeth
    Easily pierce and cut cake without messy slicing! Provided sharp cutting teeth for clean and lined rows cutting.
  • 100% Safe To Use
    Special edges and teeth are rounded to prevent injury to your hands.
  • Premium Quality
    Safety ensured by food-grade plastic that’s non-toxic and tasteless. Heat Resistant, and Durably Made!


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 23*12.5*6 CM

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Adjustable Cake Divider


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