Air Purifier USB Necklace


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Heart Emoji, Microsoft styleCreate a clean personal space for you and your family Prayer Beads Emoji, Microsoft style

  • Throughout the day, you’re going to come into contact with a lot of contaminants. 🦠Germs. Bacteria. Dust. Smoke. Pollen. Allergens.
  • These things are really 💥bad for your immune system. They can easily lead to sickness of varying kinds😷. 


  • This personal air freshener 😱emits more than 3 millions negative ions that push pollutants away from your personal space.

  • 😎💯Scientifically proven to away most of smoke, cooking smells and even PM2.5 air pollutants, improve mood and sleep.
  • The perfect accessory to protect you during flu season💪🏻

  • 🔋Low battery usage and rechargeable: Charge half hour can be used for about 10 hours ensuring your protection against airborne pollutants
  • Radiates blue light to signify that it is working and red light to indicate charging mode Sunglasses Emoji, Microsoft style


  • Wear is as a necklace with its small and lightweight design for easy portability and wearability Prayer Beads Emoji, Microsoft style
  • Creates a safe and clean space for yourself Heart Emoji, Microsoft stylewhen you are outdoors

Main function:

  1. Mini,portable necklace design, stylish and convenient to carry.
  2. Multi functions to purify indoor air, remove PM2.5, formaldehyde, odour and dust, bacteria.
  3. Release anion groups, improve air quality effectively.
  4. Easy to operate, one button for on/off.
  5. Rechargeable lithium battery.

Product Specification:

  • Power Supply:USB
  • Working principle:anions
  • Applicable area:below 10m²
  • Functions:air fresher
  • Filter type:no
  • Anion density:1m²
  • Size: 4*4*1.5cm
  • Noise:below 25dB


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