Anti – Drowning Bracelet




Have a sense of security while you swim!

This bracelet could save your life! Swimming and boating, and other water activities are all great fun, but you need to be prepared for emergencies. our Anti-Drowning bracelet helps you do just that!

It’s time you and your loved ones have worry-free swimming adventures! Our bracelet is made from lightweight material that fits comfortably around your wrist. It’s equipped with an inflatable airbag that keeps you above water until help arrives.

This bracelet is something you and your entire family should wear when at the beach, on the boat, or in the swimming pool. YK1194(1)


  • Portable & lightweight: Does not feel heavy or bothersome while you swim
  • Instant inflation: Airbag can be inflated within seconds of activation. VERY buoyant!
  • Small buoyancy loss: < 5% after the bag is inflated & immersed in water for 24 hours
  • Pull-and-pop: Extremely easy to inflate when in an emergency situation
  • Convenient: Even comes with a built-in compass
  • Heavy load bearing: Bears weight up to 100kg
  • Universal: Suitable for children & adults
  • Durable: Made from waterproof material that is meant to last
  • Replaceable cartridge: Bracelet can be reused
  • Adjustable: Strap can be adjusted to accommodate different wrist sizes


  • 1 x Anti – Drowning Bracelet


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