Anti Gravity Multipurpose Paint Palette


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Now you can go on to produce your masterpieces with no hassles.

Painting is an enjoyable activity but it can be hard for some and also a little messy for everybody. Now the Anti-Gravity Multipurpose Paint Tray Palette is a painting accessory that is designed to take the pain out of the painting. The toughest painting jobs will become easy and fun. The holder comes with a unique anti-gravity solution that prevents the paint from dropping. This makes your paint holder perfect for all your painting tasks.


Perfecting Your Painting 

  • With this palette, painting projects have been made dramatically easy so that anyone can do them with ease. With no spilling or mess created, this painting can spark enthusiasm even in those with minimal skills. It features a pro liner refill that makes it easy to change colors, saving you lots of time of painting. You will also find it fast to reload your brush so you won’t waste a minute. It takes just a slight dip with your brush or roller in the paint and you will get a full load to go on with painting. From the professional painter to a DIY hobbyist, this kit is essential for anyone who wants the perfect painting job. 

Anti-gravity with no-spill

  • This paint will never drop or go in the wrong direction. So you can hold your paint at any angle without worrying about a spill. Your holder can even be held upside down and none of your paint will drip out. Now you can enjoy and fully focus on your painting task without any distractions. 

No waste 

  • This handy kit helps you save an incredible amount in painting. With less spill, you will save money and be spared the need to frequently buy new paint. Your paint can last for several months. 

Multiple colors 

  • The palette offers every shade of color you need for your perfect painting job. And you can maintain the perfect purity of your paint without them getting into each other. 

Easy to Use

  • Anyone will find it easy and delightful to use this holder for painting. It is a great way for painting novices to get started and learn the craft. Even professionals will enjoy using it for a more polished finish. It’s also quite safe even when you use it on a ladder as no paint will accidentally spill out. The trays are also made to fit any hand so no matter your anatomy, it will be compatible with you. 

Easy to Clean and Reusable 

  • You will find it easy to clean up after you are done using it. So dealing with your next project is easy as you start off on a clean slate. The trays can be used many more times in a fresh state.


  • Material: PP
  • Weight: About 324g (without packing).
  • Diameter: 30.5cm
  • High: 4cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Anti Gravity Multipurpose Paint Tray Palette


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