Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids- Unisex


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Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids- Unisex 

The Best Blue Light Glasses for Children


  • HOW MUCH BLUE LIGHT DO THEY BLOCK?The Best Blue Light Glasses for ChildrenAll of our blue light glasses block approximately 70% of the harmful blue light spectrum. This is more than enough to have an impactful effect on your child’s sleep, mood, and energy levels throughout the day!
  • WHAT ARE THEY MADE OF AND ARE THEY SAFE FOR MY KIDDOS?This is the MOST important question. They are made of highly flexible silicone which is very safe for your children and they are sterilized before they ship. They won’t shatter. The lenses are made of polycarbonate which is also safe for your children. The lenses are coated in a special anti-reflective and blue light protective coating. We use eco-friendly non-toxic materials to craft these special glasses for your child! 
  • MY CHILDREN LIKE TO ROUGH HOUSE. WILL THEY BREAK EASILY?You don’t have to worry about them breaking. But even if they do, you’re covered by a LIFETIME Warranty on all of our products. We want this to be the best money you’ve ever spent.


  • Frame material: Silica gel
  • Lens material: Acrylic
  • Diopter: 0
  • Suitable for: 3-11 years old boy and girl
  • Frame width: 120mm
  • Spectacle lens width: 45mm


  •  1 * glasses + a glasses case (random pattern) + a piece of glasses cleaning cloth


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