Double-side High Pressure Showerhead


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Are you sick and tired of the low pressure your shower head gives out?😥😥

This amazing Double Side SPA Shower Head will increase your shower pressure by 200% so you can shower like a king!😍


Soap Filling Room: Save your time from shampoo hair and apply body wash! Designed with a filling space in the middle of showerhead, allows you freely put into shampoo, body wash, essential oil, etc. 


Water-Saving: helps save up to 50% of water while making the most use of it.

(Limited Sale: 60%off and Buy 2 Free Shipping)Double-sided Shower Head, Multi Function. Maintain Your Skin Much Balance

It can also turn into a hose for BATHROOM CLEANING giving the same pressure needed to spray away the stains and dirt from your bathroom.

US Standard size shower hose – Easy Installation

No need to call a plumber. 3 In 1 High Pressure Showerhead can be easily installed without tools.

High Pressure Double-Sided Shower Head



  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 37g
  • Size: 8cm x 24cm x 2cm
  • Color: Silver 


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