Double-sided Fiber Cleaning Cloth




WaterAbsorbing/Soft/Not Wool

  • PERFECT for DELICATE SURFACES ⭆ These soft cloths are a perfect choice to wipe electronic screens, glasses, camera lenses, smartphones, tablets, and LCD screens. 
  • KITCHEN CLEANING ⭆ Clean stovetops, Dishes, Dry Basins, 
  • SCRATCH-FREE CLEANING ⭆ You can use each cloth to wipe away the dust and dirt without worrying about any damaging marks or scratches.
  • RE-USABLE and LONG LASTING ⭆ These cloths can be used repeatedly. You’ll save money and cut down on household waste. 
  • IDEAL SIZE ⭆ The size is good enough to clean TV screens, computer monitors and LCD screens. Each microfiber cleaning cloth can be used to quickly remove fingerprints, dust, and smudges from the screen of your phone, tablet, TV, notebook, glasses, camera lenses, smartphones and more.


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