EAGLE TIGRIS® – Premium Ultra-Light Mosquito Net Hammock


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Enjoy The Outdoors Bug-Free With The EAGLE TIGRIS® Premium Hammock. (Tested by outdoor enthusiasts)


Q1: What are the dimensions?

A: Only 25*17cm (9″x 7″) when packed. 260*140cm (8.5′ x 4.5′) when set-up.

Q2: What is the maximum weight it holds?

A: It can easily hold up to 2 average adults 200kg (440lbs)

Q3: What if it is raining?

A: We also have a canopy that is specifically designed to set up with 360 Defence®. You can purchase it here.

Q4: What if the trees are too far from each other?

A: Don’t worry! We’ve designed a strap extension that holds the same amount of weight as the hammock. You can purchase it here.

Q5: Can the mosquito bite from the bottom?

A: No, it can’t! The bottom half of the hammock is made of the same material as a parachute. No chance for mosquitos to bite through the bottom.


Strong & Durable Made from super strong nylon materials that are tear resistant and can hold over 400 pounds(Two Adults) easy.

Easy Storage Folds up nicely and easily fits in small spaces without taking up space.

Bug Protection- Built-in Mosquito net that repels nagging, pesky nats and other blood-sucking mosquitos away from.

Multi-Function Stuff Sack Provides convenient storage (phone, wallet, keys) and cannot be misplaced.

Highest Grade Materials: Constructed with the same nylon as parachutes, triple-stitched seams, and tear-resistant.

Multi-Functional- You can use it when you go for a picnic, you can put it up in your backyard and read a good book and relax, or you can use it next time you go out on a camping trip. The EAGLE TIGRIS® is perfect for any and all occasions.

Everything needed to use your hammock comes INCLUDED: Hammock w/ Mosquito Net, Ropes, Straps(Extensions excluded), and Carabiners.


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