Ear Wax Removal Tool


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Ear Wax Removal Tool, Earwax Cleaner, easy and safe!

  • Safe Design – The earwax remover is 0.9 inch (a single spiral), reaches the itchy part of your ear, and contains a safe helix-shape medical silicone head;

  • Simple Use – To use the earwax cleaners vacuum,just push it gently into your ear canal and twist slightly,you can easily remove earwax;

  • Pain-Free – The soft spiral silicone matches ear holes of different sizes, allows you to remove annoying earwax pain-free and helps you maintain a healthy ear canal.

  • Economical – The earwax removal kit include a total of 16 soft and flexible replacement tips, it’s perfect for the entire FAMILY’s ear hygiene.


1. Please kindly consult your doctor before use this product if you have any problem with your ear.

2. Please kindly clean and dry the tool if you want to reuse them.

3. Please kindly throw away the used tips if it touches infected wound.


1. Please kindly note that ear wax cleaner should be kept out of touch of children under 12.

2. Please kindly note that children should use these under the supervision of adults.

3. Please kindly note that you shouldn’t use this ear wax cleaner if you experience pain, discomfort, hearing loss, pressure, or bleeding.


1 x ear wax remover

16 x washable replacement tips


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