Eco Friendly Resuable And Washable Produce Bags


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Using disposable bags for your groceries, kitchen products, and other items are repetitively tedious and can lead to an eyesore with discarded bags on your surroundings. Now the multifunctional Eco-Friendly Reusable And Washable Produce Bags give you a permanent solution to solve your package needs once and for all. It offers convenience and ease with considerations for a friendly environment that is free from litter.  It also keeps you super organized with all your activity and events when you need to carry and store your items.

A perpetual and easy package solution

This mesh bag is an excellent way to deal with all the produce that is needed for your kitchen and household. It will also give you a superb and much neater way to do your shopping and carry your groceries. It also saves you from the need to keep buying new bags to carry your items. It comes in various sizes to accommodate all your packaging needs whether it is in your organic market, supermarket, or food shops. With their special durable polyester mesh material, they will give you long service without the need for replacement. This will save you money and the bags are also stylish and elegant to make you pleased to carry and store your luggage for travel or outdoor occasions.



  • Multifunctional

This bag is a very versatile storage and organizing bag to handle many needs. It is beautifully designed to hold your cosmetics, accessories, medicine, coins, fruit, toys, and others. With this bag, you can make your events more organized and neat such as camping, fishing, shopping, groceries, travels, harvest, or beach time.


  • Portable with travel ease

It is excellent for all your outdoor activities and is made to be portable and easy to transfer. They are easily foldable into a compact state, making them easy to carry with you for any occasion. So they can conveniently fit in your shopping bag, backpack, canvas bag, or purse, making it ideal to carry any time you go out for a trip.

  •  Reusable with easy wash

You can use this bag virtually forever as you don’t need to discard it after each use. It is also designed to be washable so that you can always use a clean and hygienically safe bag for each occasion.

  • Durable and long-lasting

The bags can endure under all kinds of tough conditions, making them a lasting package solution for you. They are also lightweight, making them very easy to handle.

  •  Breathable feature

Its special mesh design makes this bag breathable so that no sweaty moisture builds up in its interior. This keeps it relatively dry and free from invading bacteria or stench.


Technical specifications

Color: Red & Green & Blue.

Size: 8  x 12inch (Small); 14  x  12inch (Middle); 17 x  12inch (Large)

Material: Non-Woven Fabric, polyester



1 x Eco-Friendly Reusable And Washable Produce Bags


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