electric mosquito swatter ➕ mosquito killer lamp (2 in 1)


SKU: SS01449-A



Two anti-mosquito modes
It is an electric mosquito swatter and an anti-mosquito lamp. It can be used for two purposes. Support manual mosquito control / intelligent physics
Physical killing mosquito swatter
The purple light mosquito trap uses 6 368-wavelength LED lamp beads, a 360-degree light source combined with a 3000V power grid to truly achieve no blind spots

Built-in 360-400NM wavelength ultraviolet LED lamp beads can also be used as mosquito killer lamps. When the mosquito trap mode is turned on at night, this kind of lamp specially designed for the sensitivity of mosquitoes will stimulate the phototaxis instinct of mosquitoes, attract mosquitoes to fly to the high-voltage net racket and kill themselves. This light hurts the eyes and there is no radiation, which is harmless to human safety.

3000V instant high voltage, strong mosquito-killing fast, accurate, ruthless, so that mosquitoes have nowhere to escape

Work indicator
Battery indicator
When light is on, the power is 25%,
The power is 50% when two lights are on,
When three lights are on, the power is 75%,
100% charge when four lights are on

01. 1200mAh lithium battery capacity
02. The 4-hour mosquito trap mode
03. 3-4 hours charging time

Name: Lithium battery electric mosquito swatter
Battery capacity: Lithium battery 1200mAh
Racket voltage: ≈DC3000V
Input interface: USB
Product size: 540×220 (mm) (including base)
Light source: 360- -400nm L.ED
Rated power: 2W
Material: Shell- -ABS
Charging input: DC5V-1A
Weight: ≈360g


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