Environmentally Friendly Ring Size Adjuster


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Never worry about dropping your ring size again with the ring size adjuster! It’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t strangle your hand when you’re invisible!

Product Features

  • Comfortable and invisible: the ring size adjuster is made of TPU, the ring size adjuster is so comfortable you don’t even feel it.
  • Size adjustable: no need to worry about a loose ring size adjuster scratching your ring, you can adjust the size to suit your individual needs. Includes 3mm and 5mm lengths.
  • Fits a variety of rings: these ring spacers fit most rings, no matter what your hand size.
  • Easy to remove: they can be easily removed when you don’t need them!

How to wear

  • 1: Wrap one end of the adjuster around the ring stock
  • 2: Continue wrapping until it fits
  • 3: Put the ring on your hand to test for tightness
  • 4: Just cut off the excess adjuster

Product parameters
Width: 3mm (for ring widths 1-3mm), 5mm (for ring widths 4-8mm)

Package includes:2*3mm/2*5mm/3mm+5mm


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