FiberNails™ Fiberglass Quick Nail Extension Set


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Still having a manicure at the expensive nail salon? It’s time to get rid of easy-to-break hard acrylic nail extension! Fiberglass Quick Nail Extension Set is an n innovative way for making you the most natural-look, light and flexible nail art!

Fiberglass is a brand new tech that can change its form in just 1 minute, from ultra light, soft material to flawless extended nails by simple curing.

Since fiberglass is scratch-free, odorless and adjustable, it can stick closely to your natural nails, without causing lifting, popping off and catching at the nail fridge, like the common problems of making traditional acrylic nail extension.

How to use:

  • After preparation of natural nail, apply base coat and fiberglass
  • make the sealing of fiber above and below with UV builder gel
  • Cure nails under UV/LED lamp for 1-2mins.
  • Technical sanding, this step is very important. from here the nail is already in the natural format;
  • Apply no wipe top coat which leaves the nail always shiny, and helps in the durability of the nail !!


  • 1 Pack x FiberNails™ Fiberglass Quick Nail Extension Set (10PCS)
  • 1 x Fiber Builder Gel


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