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No more untidy fish scaling! 

NO-MESS Design

  • All scales are collected in the catchment area for easy disposal. No more messy countertops!

New Diet, Healthier You

  • Start introducing more fish filled with Omega 3’s into your diet.
  • With an easier prep, it will be so easy sticking to a new routine!


  • The scaler is built with a nice handle that gives you a firm grip.
  • Removing fish scales has never been this easy before. Comes with a saw-tooth head. With just a few stroking motions, the scales will flake off instantly!

Easy to Clean

  • Washing is very easy—and with the hanging hole provided, drying is a breeze!


  • High-quality materials – Food-grade.
  • NO-MESS design – With a specially designed cover, scales are kept controlled and can easily be disposed of.
  • Sturdy blade – Made for high scraping speeds!
  • Ergonomic design – Comfortable to hold and use.
  • Hanging Hole – Made for easy drying.


  • Material: ABS+AS
  • Size: 16×5.5×4.2cm/6.3*2.2*1.7in
  • Weight: 0.06kg
  • Color: Blue/Green/White

Packing Includes:   

  • 1 x Fish Scaler


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