Fishing Hook Tyer




A must-have perfect tool for beginner or senior angler as it allows you to tie your hooks easily with strong and reliable knots, most importantly, it is fast!

Fishing Hook Tyer is perfect for senior angler especially for those with blur eyesight or arthritis pain on fingers. It works fine for tying small hooks, great for those with big thumbs that has difficulties holding tiny hooks. As it is small and compact, it fits in your pockets or vest perfectly just like a pen! It is really handy as you can reach for it easily whenever you need it.
Hook Tyer & Line Knotter tool

  • Hook tyer on one end, line knotter tying tool on the other end
  • Suitable for small fish hook
  • Portable and easy to use while fishing
  • Great for beginner, senior and even those with big thumbs
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Length:110mm, 4.4″ , Diameter: 10mm , weight: about 23g 


Includes: 1 x Fishing Hook Tyer


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