Fixed Plastic Clip For Outdoor Tent


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Equipped with tight-lock mechanism for stable and fixed foundation.

Designed with crocodile tooth clamp for strong grip. The clip can hold heavy material firmly such as tarpaulin, without slipping and damage.

Durable and long-lasting, made of durable nylon plastic material. Quality build, composed of tight lock, rope hole and crocodile tooth clamp.

Strong grip crocodile tooth clamp, providing windproof and waterproof tent. Perfect for outdoor camping, sailing and picnic!

Portable and lightweight, a must-have carry on travel essential. Convenient to use on camp, picnic, sail and more.

Versatile travel tool, widely used on tarpaulin, tent, awning, sail sun shade, caravan, pole and more.

Easy to clip with just hands, no need for any tool. Simply turn the knob left or right to tighten or to loosen the lock.

Material: Nylon
Dimension: 7cm x 15cm x 3cm
Variant: 1pc/10pcs

1x Fixed Plastic Clip For Outdoor Tent


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