Flexible Decanter Cleaner Brush


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Thoroughly clean your glassware easily!


Ensure that your bottles are clean inside out with this Flexible Decanter Cleaner Brush! Flexible enough to deep clean to those hard-to-reach areas!


Durable and lightweight for easy maneuver and great in length to clean the dirt and stain from the bottom and curved parts of any decanter, goblets, or bottles. The reinforced foam bristles will not chip or scratch your glassware. It dries quickly and is designed with a hook so you can hang it and save space efficiently.




  • Access Hard-to-Reach Areas – Flexible enough to clean those hard-to-reach areas.
  • Easy to Maneuver – Great in length and lightweight enough for ease of maneuver.
  • Suitable for All Glassware – Perfect for wine decanters, long neck goblets, drinking bottles, baby bottles and many more!
  • Equipped with Reinforced Foam Bristles – The reinforced foam bristles will not chip or scratch your glassware.
  • Quick Dying – It can be washed easily, and dries instantly. Features a hook on the handle for easy storage.
  • Perfect Kitchen Cleaning Tool – Applicable for other kitchen utensils such as plates, feeding utensils, pans, and so much more!



Length: Approx. 46 cm




1 x Flexible Decanter Cleaner Brush (+$1 for one more!)


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