Focus Adjustable Glasses Reading Glasses Unisex




==>>>Adjustable Glasses For Hyperopia 👓

            👓bring you a clear vision


  • Adjustable Magnification Lines: Turn the control wheel to adjust the magnification to your needs. See clearly with a practical product.
  • Wide Variable Range: Each lens has a diopter range of -6.0 to +3.0, so you can fine-tune the magnification. You do not have to buy pairs of glasses!
  • Proper Activities: Use these glasses for everyday activities — driving, reading, watching TV and playing computer – all you need now is a pair of glasses.
  • High Performance Design: This product has a stylish unisex design and is very durable.
  • Ideal as A Substitute
  • Shockproof Glasses, Soft Frames


  • Frame Color: Black
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Weight with Packaging: 100 Grams
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Adjustable Focus: -6.00 to +3.00


  • 1 Pair of Glasses


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