Foldable Kitchen Waste Filter


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Save your drain from clogging on food!

Save your drain with the help of our Foldable Kitchen Waste Filter! A handy must-have for every kitchen, this filter effectively separates solid and liquid food waste as you pour, preventing your kitchen sink drain from clogging.

The filter holes are sized just right to prevent even tiny food particles from passing while letting liquids flow freely. A strong suction cup at the side securely attaches it to your sink or any smooth, clean surface. It can be folded or stored flat for easy, space-saving storage.


  • Food Waste Filter – Separates solid and liquid food waste, preventing your sink drain from clogging.

  • Suction Cup Attachment – Securely sticks to your sink or any smooth, clean surface via strong suction cup.

  • Small Holes – The holes are sized just right to prevent even small foods from passing while liquids flow freely.
  • Easy to Store – Can be folded or stored flat to easy, space-saving storage.
  • Quick Assembly – Simply insert the tabs into the right slots and it’s ready to use!

  • Quality Material – Uses high quality PVC and PP that are non-toxic, eco-friendly and long-lasting.


  • Material: PVC, PP

Product Includes

  • 1 x Foldable Kitchen Waste Filter



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