Free punch socket hook


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  • Insert and use, easy installation, use in kitchen, bathroom, etc. in multiple scenes can be competent.

  • Environmental protection material, ABS material with high strength, good toughness and durability.

  • Seamless gluing, nail-free and hole-free, easy suspension after the test, hook load less than 1 kg.

  • Applicable to all types of plugs, plugs no longer have space for the wires and are more regular.

  • Kitchen use: rice cooker, kettle, electromagnetic ovens from then on, the entire kitchen is in good condition.


  • Color: Blue, pink, brown, white, transparent

  • Weight: 9G/ PC

  • Material: ABS

  • Size: 4.6* 4.6CM

  • Packet: 1*Free punch socket hook set


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