Full Face Snorkel Mask


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Keeps water out and air in!

This amazing full face snorkel mask allows you to swim underwater without a mouthpiece or bulky equipment! All you have to do is slip it on and swim! You’ll be able to see all the cool things that live under the water!

This mask gives you a total 180-degree view due to the anti-fog chamber. The 2-way respiration system allows you to breathe as if you were on dry land!


  • 2-Way Respiration System: The Full face Snorkel Mask lets you breathe naturally underwater without a mouthpiece!
  • Full 180° View: This mask allows you to see EVERYTHING while underwater!
  • Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Glass: Made with shatter-proof Plexiglas, this snorkel mask will never fog up on you!
  • One Size Fits Most: Straps are easy to adjust so that most head sizes and shapes are accommodated


  • 1 x Full Face Snorkel Mask


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