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Give your flowers and plants the best full-spectrum lighting required for the better growth right from seeding to harvest with this grow strip.

Thanks to the custom-designed LED light bulbs these are super easy to install, lightweight and finally have a lifetime of 50,000 hours.

The LED Grow Strip comes with Self-adhesive back with double side adhesive tape which makes it super easy to stick or attach it anywhere.

Ideal For:

  • Hydroponics
  • Greenhouse
  • Indoor Garden
  • Horticulture
  • Grow Tents, Small Grow Boxes
  • Bonsai

Here are some numbers:

working method  Spectrum: 450nm Blue Light & 630 nm Red Light for accelerated growth.

  Waterproof: Yes!, Grow Strips come with IP65 Grading.

input   Working Voltage: 12V DC

  Ratio: (LEDs): 5:1 (Red:Blue)

color  Number of LEDs: 60 LEDs per 40 inches

power   Wattage: 0.24 Watt/LED (72 Watt for 200in Strip)

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The LED Grow Strip is soldered in 50cm strips. Each strip only has two wires and every 3 diodes can be cut. If LED strips don’t light up, please change positive(+) to negative(-) (Swap the right and left wires).

Here is a comparison of LED Grow Strip usage: 

comparison of grow light hydroponics


Q1. Is this a replacement to my current HPS/Halogen/Incandescent setup?

Ans: These strips can be used independently, many hydroponic growers report better yield while consuming Lesser Energy by using a hybrid of your current setup along with LEDs.

Q2. What light is equivalent to T5 fluorescent light?

Ans: A 4ft length Grow Strip would have an equivalent of an ideal T5 fluorescent light which is around ~1600 lumens. A wrap-around of the 4ft section will generally take about 12ft of LED Grow Strip. However, a T5 light has about ~5000 lumens in a single color. Our Grow Strip will emit about an equivalent of T5 light while consuming 4-5 times less energy and full-spectrum straight up.

Q3. How many LEDs per glow strip?

Ans: Each 20in (50 cm) length of the grow strip about 30 LEDs in a 5:1 ratio (Red: Blue). Emitting about ~22 lumens per LED.

Q4. How do I install the LED Light Strip?

Ans: The installation is easy peasy. The grow light strip comes with a peel-off adhesive strip on the back that sticks or any rack or shelf. We recommend pasting this strip across the entire length for the better life of the adhesive.

Q5. How much length do I need?

Ans: Simple calculation is needed to get along with this. Let’s say what’s the length of your shelf? Multiply that times 3. Example: If you have a  5ft section, we recommend about 15ft of the Grow strip.

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