Full Spectrum Plant Growth Light


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Grow healthier plants indoors than outdoors with this full spectrum LED light! 
Leveraging the edge-cutting Target Spectrum Tech, our grow light guarantees optimal spectrum emission and efficiently supplies your plants, from regular household flowers and leafy plants, to edible fruits and veggies! 
The full spectrum LED light penetrates deep from the canopy to the bottom leaf layer, ensuring healthier growth for your plants and stimulates photosynthesis boost! 
Grow better, healthier plants with this grow light! Effective photosynthesis boost can bring your plants with thicker, stronger leaves and more vibrant colors! 
Fuelled with the advanced LED micro chip design, this grow light offers you with a lasting powerful luminance with a high energy efficiency, perfect for hydroponics, horticulture, microgreens, medicinal plants, and grow tents. 
  • 25W Standard (Rectangle)
    • Dimensions: 310*119*29.5mm
    • Voltage: 85-265V
    • Weight: 450G
    • LED Bulb Amount: 75
    • Wide Exposure Range: (Vertical) 0.6m; (Horizontal Area) 0.75m²
  • 45W Standard (Square) 
    • Dimensions: 252*252*29.5mm
    • Voltage: 85-265V
    • Weight: 650G
    • LED Bulb Amount: 144
    • Wide Exposure Range: (Vertical) 0.7m; (Horizontal Area) 0.9m²
    • 1* Full Spectrum Plant Growth Light


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