Hygienic Contact Lenses Kit


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A hygienic kit that maintains the safety and cleanliness of contact lenses.

Did you know? That BACTERIA can also build up on the LENSES if you don’t follow PROPER methods of handling, wearing, or storing your contact lenses. NEVER TOUCH your contacts with UNWASHED HANDS! Introducing the Hygienic Contact Lenses Kit, the PERFECT kit for all lenses wearers. 

Hygienic Contact Lenses Kit is an ULITIMATE ALL-IN-ONE tool that can HANDLE and PROTECT your lenses and PREVENT you from DAMAGING your eyes and health. This kit has a COMPLETE tools for taking good care of your lenses by maintaining its CLEANLINESS and SAFETY for all contact lenses wearers.

Hygienic Contact Lenses Kit is composed of the following that are all made of SAFE MEDICAL SILICONE: 1. TWEEZERS that helps you REMOVE the lens without using your fingers. 2. STICK CONNECTOR that helps you to apply the contact lens in your eyes without using your fingers. 3. LENS HOLDER a RIGHT and LEFT container where you can SAFELY store your lenses when not in use. It is PORTABLE, COMPACT, and EASY to HOLD in a purse or pocket. It can SECURE the SAFETY and CLEANLINESS even of the SOFT and THIN lenses.


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