Rapid Garlic Slicing Tool


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Chopping garlic has never been easier and faster. Prepare your ingredients in a snap with Rapid Garlic Slicing Tool.

Cute garlic cloves in one press! This is your hassle-free way of preparing garlic for cooking.

Say goodbye to smelly hands. Designed to slice garlic the easiest way possible without leaving unwanted scent on your fingers.

Product Description:

  • One-Press Cutting: No need to spend a long time just to cut garlic, you can slice ingredients rapidly in a single press.

  • No More Garlic-Smelling Hands: Your hands will not smell like garlic the whole day! Designed to slice garlic without you touching it. 

  • Easy Cleaning: It can easily be disassembled for easy cleaning. Wash all the spots fast!

  • Ideal Kitchen Utensil: Aside from chopping garlic, you can also use it for your other ingredients. Gives you a more convenient experience in the kitchen!

Product Description:

  • Material: PP+304
  • Dimensions: 11*4.5*6.5cm
  • Product Weight: 60G
  • Package Includes: 1 x Rapid Garlic Slicing Tool


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