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✓ Even though cats self-groom, they can always use the extra care and attention, especially cats prone to knots in their fur. However, grooming your cat can be a hassle and hard to do, especially if they are the independent squirmy kind. 

✓ Ensure your beloved pet gets the best care possible with our 2-in-1 comb massager. Not only will this comb remove tangles, knots, and hair in the fur, but it will also massage and stimulate your cat, simultaneously providing a healthy and shiny fur.

✓ The two brushes in one meant for long and short hair are designed as a shell comb that closes into itself for safe and compact storage.

The easy-grip rubber design wills it comfortably in your hand and will prevent you from scratching the skin of your beloved fur baby, ensuring you are only combing out the hair.

If used routinely, it will prevent your cat from shedding and eliminate excess hair in your home.


The Supercat 2-in-1 comb comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which makes sure you’re 100% satisfied with your order!

If you’re not satisfied with your order for any reason, simply contact our customer support and we will help you out, or refund your payment!


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