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✓ One of the essential grooming practices for our pets is nail and claw trimming. Is it critical to cut your pet’s claws every few weeks to ensure and maintain their health. Overgrown claws can cause damage to the paws and are extremely painful.

✓ Let’s face it, we don’t always have the time or the means to take our beloved pets to the pet shop for a trim, and nail trimming at home is not always easy. We have you covered with our pet nail scissors, a staple accessory to all pet owners.

✓ Designed for comfort and durability, this lightweight pair of nail clippers provide a comfortable grip to the operator, ensuring a safe and quick nail trimming experience. Not like any ordinary pet nail clippers, these fantastic claw trimmers are designed with a splash guard that will trap and prevent your pet’s nails from splashing all over while you are trimming them.


✓ The transparent protective color will allow you to see the nails going in and reassure you that you are doing a proper job. The blades are made out of high-quality material and are very sharp, which will ensure your beloved pet tolerates the process.


The Supercat 2-in-1 comb comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which makes sure you’re 100% satisfied with your order!

If you’re not satisfied with your order for any reason, simply contact our customer support and we will help you out, or refund your payment!


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