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✓ Clean water and hydration are critical to a healthy pet. Running water instead of still water in a bowl will entice your pet to drink more water.

✓ Our automatic water fountain promotes healthy hydration habits for your cat. You will never have to worry about leaving water out for your cat again as this water fountain will keep the water running, and it holds up to 2.4 liters of water.

✓ The fountain provides clean water for your pet with the innovative charcoal filter designed to effectively filtrate the hair, odor, and other debris from the water preventing awful taste.

✓ The high-quality materials used to make this product guarantee durability and longevity. The finely polished PP plastic is antibacterial, and the lid is made out of stainless steel.

✓ The charcoal filters should be changed every four weeks, and the fountain cleaned every two weeks; the good news is that it is convenient top-shelf dishwasher safe.

✓ Our cat water fountain features an LED light, which allows you to see the water level. The LED light stays blue while in action, and the fountain will not work until the water levels exceed the pump.

✓ The fountain pump is equipped with a USB charging port only and does not include the AC adapter.



1 x Cat Water Fountain
1 x Charcoal Filter
1x  USB cable
1 x English User Manual


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