Thermostatic USB Smart Warm Coaster


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   We are busy making everything in the modern society, just slow down and
be a slow warm drinker.

Keep your beverages always warm and enjoy your life!


 Simple but helpful cup warmer can keep your beverages warm for almost whole day.

When you need it, a right temperature drink is already ready for you. No need to wait, no need to reheating your drinks.


Microgravity technology, Put mug on automatic heat zone, the cup warmer will work, remove mug the warmer plate will turn to stop heating.

16w low power heating, energy saving and no power consumption. The USB interface has ultra-low power consumption.

Small size, only palm size, easy to carryIt adopts waterproof design, easy to clean, safe and reliable.

Whether you are working in the office or relaxing at home, it can provide you with a warm drink anytime, anywhere, making you more relaxed and happy.


Technical Specifications:
Color: White/Green/Pink
Size: 160x120x20mm (6.×4.7×0.8″)





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