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Creative Meatball Maker Set

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Perfect round meatball, deliciously and easily made with ‘Creative Meatball Maker Set’. As a side dish or as a main course, two different sizes for different occasions. In just a few simple steps you’ll make perfect round meatballs with the delicious filling right in the center.
Put delicious filling such as mozzarella cheese, mixed vegetable or creamy spinach. Fill right in the center of the meatballs using the meatball maker. Easy stuffed meatballs!
Meatballs are a classic recipe, perfect in soups, pasta or meatball sandwiches. Here’s best meatball recipe you can try with ‘Creative Meatball Maker Set’.
Made of food-safe, non-toxic, ABS and PP material. Double-layered design, used to hold and mold the meatballs. Clean to use, prevents sticky hands when making meatballs.
Small lightweight molder for indoor or outdoor use. Available in 2 sizes for more meatball sizes option. Use the right size according to your needs.

Save time making meatballs with this quick and easy molder. First, fill the molder with meat and mold with the molder cap. Next, put the fillings of your choice. Last, fill again with meat and mold again with the molder cap. Open the meatball molder, and you now have homemade perfect round meatballs!
Material: ABS + PP
Dimension: Small 7.5cm x 5cm x 4.5 cm, Large 10cm x 6.5cm x 6cm

1x Creative Meatball Maker Set