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Flowy™ Waterfall Cat Bowl

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22 - 29 Jul, 2024
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Give Your Cat That Constant Stream Of Water They Always Want

Does your cat hate drinking out of a normal water bowl? Keeping your kitty happy and hydrated all day long with our swan waterfall cat bowl! Cats naturally prefer to drink flowing water over a traditional water bowl, take advantage of our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and try our Flowy™ Waterfall Cat Bowl today!


  • No More Sink Sipping: Keep your cat hydrated without the constant meowing for you to turn the sink on.
  • Veterinarian Recommended: Cats chose not to drink water when they don’t have access to flowing water, our Flowy is recommended by vets to keep cats healthy.
  • No More Dehydration: Dehydrated cats can get angry and vicious, keep your keep happy and healthy!
  • Reduce Strain: Bending down to drink from a traditional bowl can cause back and neck strain in old and young cats.
  • Easy To Wash: Easily remove the pump and throw them in the dishwasher or hand wash for a perfect clean.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):
👉Is this BPA free?
Yes, it is FDA Food Grade plastic and BPA Free.
👉How loud is it?
Very Quite!
👉Does it continuously run?
Yes, it does.
👉How long is the cord?
Of about 3 Ft.
👉Can it run without a filter?
Unfortunately, no.
👉Is it porcelain?
No, it is Food Grade plastic.
👉Is this BPA free?
Yes, it is FDA Food Grade plastic and BPA Free.
👉How soon will I receive my order?
Generally, 7-10 business days worldwide. The USA typically 5-7 business days
👉How can I track my order?⁣

As soon as we process your order, you will automatically receive a tracking code via email. It will include instructions and a web link so you always know the status of your order.