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Magic Fix

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  • It  can stick your phone, pad, remote control, camera, speakers, water cup,  key stick to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets or  tile, car, house and many more. To Fix Anything, Anywhere
  • Strong, durable, malleable, and extremely versatile
  • Rubber pads are reusable and will recover its stickness after you rinse the dusty
  • In addition to the rectangular section super suction, but also can be folded into different shapes as a lazy stent
  • Gel pads can be repeated washing, can be reused
  • It is easy to remove from any surface, leaving no traces or stains. The gel pad has a strong catch, but if the object is very heavy, you should use multiple gel pads to keep the surface of the object safe.

Note : Another factor that affects the sticky gel layer is the type and shape of the surface of the object you want to paste. Laminated silicone surfaces will affect the functionality of the product.