• Magic Stiff Rope
  • Magic Stiff Rope
  • Magic Stiff Rope
  • Magic Stiff Rope

Magic Stiff Rope

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-seeing is believing- Impress your Family and Friends with this classic magic trick

  • This is the famous Indian Rope Trick Illusion.
  • The magician displays a piece of rope about 95cm long.
  • Tt is just an ordinary rope when the Rope is coiled over the magician's hand
  • And then the magician now stretches the rope between his two hands,horizontally, and pretends to hypnotise the rope.
  • One hand released, and the rope stands rigid like a stick.
  • The magician blows on the rope merely, and it will falls down limp once again.


    • A MAGIC SET MUST-HAVE: This unique rope is a great addition to any magic kit. With this simple tool, deception is easy for magicians of all levels.It’s a fun and easy way to amaze your spectators and make them wonder how you did it.You can make it straight or bend on your way,bring you a lot of fun.

    • IDEAL FOR STAGE MAGIC: This trick looks amazing on stage. Add it to your magic show routine for a fun and amazing illusion that doesn't require sleight of hand or misdirection. You can even bring it to a party or game night to amaze your friends and family.Make you can enjoy magic whenever and wherever you like.
    • DECEPTION FOR KIDS & ADULTS: Whether you’re a genius magician or a prankster, this rope functions as both a sophisticated magic trick and a novelty toy. It makes a nice gift to girls and boys, men and women.  No strings, or extra attachments,very easy.
    • PERFORM A COOL TRICK: Our amazing gimmick rope offers a classic optical illusion sure to impress onlookers. Show your audience that it’s a normal rope by moving it around or even tying it into a knot.


    • Magic Stiff Rope

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