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One Click Perfect Butter Cutter

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Your one-step easy and precise butter needs!

Are you looking for a genius solution to cutting butter without a knife or spreader? Unlike the average butter dish, grater, box, or mill, this One Click Perfect Butter Cutter is a great solution!


It cuts individual pats of butter with a simple click. Use it for salted butter, unsalted butter, or margarine. Simply store it in the refrigerator for perfect pats of butter whenever you need them. 

  • Refrigerator-safe – The One Click Perfect Butter Cutter is a must-have kitchen tool for anyone who likes to keep their butter nice and fresh in their refrigerator. It uses a durable stainless-steel blade to cut the perfect slice every time. It’s also dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to clean if it gets dirty. Try it today!

  • One-step operation – You’ll be able to dispense fresh, delicious butter with a single pump of the Butter Cutter.

  • Perfect and convenient butter storage – This butter cutter doubles as a convenient butter saver. You won’t have to worry about crumbs, dust, or other particles contaminating your butter with this keeper, which makes it great for people with allergies.

  • It’s made with sturdy plastic and stainless steel, so you can expect it to last for years. It’s also dishwasher safe, so it couldn’t be easier to clean! Keep it at the table or buffet to use as an extra convenient butter dispensing device. Simply squeeze the handle, and you’ll have a perfect pat of butter ready for spreading or melting. 

  • Suitable for baking and other cooking method – You’ll love making pastry dough, biscuits, cakes, and cookies with perfectly sized chopped butter. It’s also great for cooking butter into foods or buttering food straight off the grill.


  • Material: Stainless Steel Blade + Plastic Case
  • Dimension: 20*8*5.5 cm



  • 1 X One Click Perfect Butter Cutter (Not include butter)