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Partially Erasable LCD Writing Board

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04 - 11 Mar, 2024
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Partially erasable writing tablet, electronic LCD writing board with anti-clearance function and thick lines, pen paperless for writing, drawing notes.


  • The new design: There are 2 delete functions: 1. Complete deletion: press twice on trash; 2. Partial erasing: Press on the eraser – then the red dot lights up. To delete one should go with the back of the pen over the parts to be deleted. The blinking either stops itself after a short time or you press the trash once and you can continue writing.
  • A small eraser has been added to the top of the pen to erase the text and lines you want to erase with the partial erase feature, you can draw beautiful and creative images on it, it is ideal for adults and children (suitable for over 3 years old) learn to write or draw.
  • Highly sensitive pressure sensor technology: a new generation of pressure sensor technology 2048, whose line thickness changes with the pressure, can present notes of different thicknesses, without the use of a pen, nails can also create writing.
  • Save paper and the environment: Our LCD writing surface can be erased up to 100,000 times over its lifespan, which means 1 piece of board saves 100,000 pieces of paper or 3 trees.
  • Suitable for everyone: it is able to promote children’s learning and innovation skills, he/she can use it to learn to draw at home, and this writing pad keeps children busy in the car, plane or restaurant. Students and teachers can use it to create drafts and take notes. It is also suitable for adults to make a list and shopping lists.


  • Material: screen: LCD, frame: ABS
  • Size: 8.5 inches (228 * 147 * 5mm), 10.5 inches (268 * 167 * 5mm), 12 inches (284 * 186 * 5mm)
  • Weight: 8.5 inches: 97g, 10.5 inches: 151g, 12 inches: 168g
  • Colour: Blue
  • Batteries: CR2025
  • Package: 1 x LCD writing board, 1 x writing pen