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Permanent Match

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If you love the outdoors and enjoy going on camping, hiking or just a simple barbecue in your backyard, then we bet you will love this product! Get yourself the Permanent Match and always have a handy matchstick ready for you to use!


  • NO NEED TO BUY DISPOSABLE MATCHSTICKS as this product will allow you to create a flame easily and conveniently without getting a matchbox! They are easy to use as it works just like a normal matchstick!

  • PERFECT ITEM FOR THE OUTDOOR as they are lightweight and portable making them easy to carry! Place them inside your bag or backpack and it will not consume much space!



1) Unscrew the stick 

2) Scratch the skin of the black flint off until it’s glossy as steel 

4) Inject some lighter fluid in the canister with 2/3 volume (Refill After 15000 Strikes)

5) Screw the rod back into the canister

6) Scratch the stick against the flint and it will be ignited. 

Please use precaution when operating the permanent match. The permanent match can contain lighter fluid that is extremely flammable. Please use responsibly. Do not screw in the rod when it is still lit. Make sure the match is rubbed down before use. 


Permanent match demonstration