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Phone Neck Holder Stand

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May 26 - 02 Jun, 2024
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  • Make dropping your phone on your face a thing of the past!
  • Hangs around your neck, around your waist, around your LIFE!
  • Convenient for procrastinating at work
  • Not that noticeable
  • Because arms are basically obsolete these days anyway


We’ve all been there: you’re lying in bed at night, scrolling through social media/your exes profile when BOOM, your hands give away and your usually trusty mobile drops on your face causing lasting damage.

But should you just continue to accept persistent black-eyes as a consequence of this late-night activity? Of course not, which is why the Neck Phone Stand is here to free your arms up and aid you in your pursuit of total laziness.

Let’s get the important shiz out of the way first: it’s got 360° rotation, it’s got an ergonomic design with a strong aluminium tube for support and yes, you guessed, it’s even got a shockproof breathable foam neck for maximum comfort!

What, all that and it comes in four different colours? You bet it does!

But this little puppy isn’t limited to necks, it can also be used on tables, the floor, your waist, heck, hang it off another person if you’re so hellbent on multi-tasking!

The future’s never been so wonderfully lazy.